The First Five

First Five National Council

Kerry Thibodaux – National President – Mississippi President
Jason Few – National Vice President – Alabama President
Clayton Cobb – National Lieutenant – Florida President
Paul Chaisson National Lieutenant – Louisiana President
Stephen Powell – National Lieutenant

One 7 One 7 – The Founding Members and The First Five

The Original discussion of the GCMA idea was on January 7, 2017 by Kerry Thibodaux (Killhammer) and Eric Dee Blackwell (Dark Star Coven) at the Back Porch Bar, Pensacola, FL

The GCMA Idea

The GCMA First Five refers to and consists of five elite metal bands representing the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. These five bands are the founders, lifeline and council of the GCMA.

On January 7th 2017 these five emerged together in South Florida to put on what will forever be remembered as a underground Heavy Metal show for the ages. As the night progressed it was realized by the members of these five bands that the Gulf Coast metal music scene was represented at its finest. The discussion of creating an alliance between these bands to help ensure the future of our scene was now underway.

A year goes by and through conversation of Kerry Thibodaux and Jason Few the discussion of the alliance surfaced again and the idea of the First Five came to life. The GCMA First Five are Grimwar from Panama City. Dark Star Coven from Pensacola FL. D.R.E.A.D. from Mobile, AL. KillHammer from Gulfport, Ms and Omen Of Ruin from New Orleans, Louisiana.
Written by Jason Few

The First Five Bands

Dark Star Coven

DSC is Blackened Death Crust featuring former members of PARABELLUM, GUNS TO FIRE, REV. JENKINS & EXFORMATION. Hellhammer/Discharge worship.


Blackened Riot Metal
Gulfport, Ms

Formed in 2012, two bass players from two prominent gulf coast metal bands ( Kerry Thibodaux of Feid, and Zach Notter of Bloodchurn), along with Will Cuevas- guitarist.


D.R.E.A.D. is an American Heavy Metal band from Mobile, Alabama, formed in 2008 by vocalist/front man and original drummer, Jason Few. The band’s sound is a very unique crossover of thrash, power, and groove metal.

Omen Of Ruin

Formed 6.14.2013
Heavy metal from South Louisiana. Larose, LA


Death Metal from West Florida