About G.C.M.A.

Mission Statement –
To unify and solidify all metal
through support and brotherhood

GCMA is a collective of metal bands, and supporters of like minded individuals supporting each other & promoting underground metal music.

G.C.M.A. Logo Representation

The Hammer – The hammer represents the building of our scene.
The AR-15 – The Ar-15 represents the defense of our scene.
The States – The States represent that which is the gulf coast.

We intend on supporting each others bands and know that it will take ALL of us, and many more. So feel free to tell your friends bands about this site, and keep in mind that we will only cater to like minded people and we will accept no dickheadery. Enjoy your selves and Rock the fuck out.

Interested in joining GCMA? Contact:

Kerry Thibodaux– National President – Mississippi President
Jason Few – National Vice President – Alabama President
Clayton Cobb – National Lieutenant – Florida President
Paul Chaisson – National Lieutenant – Louisiana President
Stephen Powell – National Lieutenant – Vice President Florida

or send a message to: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreLegionGCMA/