Time to put in work kids.

In order to prevent oversaturation ( playing excessively ) in one area, or town, the President’s ask that all GCMA bands, please limit your appearances to monthly, or a month around any GCMA events. 
Unless of course you get asked to open for Slayer or something the same month….

Want to keep your scene growing without over playing & still make a difference? Try booking a show in your town, without your band on the bill, & bring some new GCMA bands in ( or potential GCMA bands you’ve met on the road ) to play your local venue. This will keep fans interested, you involved & help other GCMA bands avoid the oversaturation problem too. And be sure, when booking shows, to book at least 2 months out.

The GCMA is a network, use it to your advantage & play out of your safe zone. We are a growing network, and that network stretches the I-10 corridor area from the swamps of Gainesville FL to the bayous of Louisiana. Get out on the road.
Use it to build your regional fan base & spread the GCMA word.

Please help your fellow GCMA band fam, who are playing in your town, even if your band isn’t on the bill. 
Attend the show if at all possible.
Also, beyond sharing the GCMA event on all your favorite social media outlets, print an actual flyer or two & post them around your town. This will help build awareness & potential find you more metal friends, fans & new GCMA members. 
And at the very least put a flyer at the venue the show is being held. 
Got an extra bed, or big yard to camp? If so, invite the visiting fam to stay the night & save some money. Or invite them to dinner or a BBQ, buy em a beer, buy their merch, help what you can. Any kind of help is better than doing nothing at all.

If you’re at a show, one you’re playing or not, you should be representing the GCMA. 
Wear your GCMA battle vest or shirt or put the patch on a hat! 
Sew or glue some Velcro on your patch & your two favorite pieces of gear & share the patch between both. 
If you’re so inclined, make your own GCMA gear to represent. Nothing is more heart warming & unifying than walking into a venue & seeing fellow members wearing their shield.

If you see a band or potential support member, that you think would make a good addition to our group, inform them of what the GCMA is about. See if they’re interested, & if so, refer them to one of that states officers.

In closing, thank you for being a part of this. And remember, #WeAreLegion.